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The Pacific Crest Trail is a long distance trail of 2665 miles or 4400 km from Mexico to Canada.




We have filmed the entire Pacific Crest Trail, day by day. Our movie is very well received all over the world. It was nominated on the DMOFF film festival for 'Best Hiking and Adventure movie' in 2017. We've uploaded the entire movie for you to enjoy.

If you just want to check out a certain sections, than watch the 1 to 2 minute videos below.

These videos are great to get a general idea of the area and terrain.

Ep. 01: S. California

Campo to Idyllwild

Ep. 02: S. California

Idyllwild to Big Bear

Ep. 03: S. California

Big Bear to Wrightwood

Ep. 04: S. California

Wrightwood to Acton

Extra: Animation

Map of entire PCT

Ep. 05: S. California

Acton to Tehachapi

Ep. 06: S. California

Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows

Ep. 07: Sierra Nevada

Kennedy Meadows to Mt. Whitney

Ep. 08: Sierra Nevada

Mt Whitney to Kearsarge P

Extra: Animation

Sierra elevation profile

Ep. 09: Sierra Nevada

Kearsarge Pass to Muir P

Ep. 10: Sierra Nevada

Muir Pass to VVR

Ep. 11: Sierra Nevada

VVR to Yosemite

Ep. 12: Sierra Nevada

Yosemite to Sonora pass

PCT Senora Pass to South Lake Tahoe

Ep. 13: Sierra Nevada

Senora Pass to South Lake Tahoe

Ep. 14: N. California

South Lake Tahoe - Truckee

Ep. 15: N. California

Truckee to Sierra City

Ep. 16: N. California

Sierra City to Midpoint

Cindercone volcano crater - Lassen National Park

Ep. 17: N. California

Midpoint to Lassen NP

Burney Falls California

Ep. 18: N. California

Lassen NP to Burney Falls

Smiling Friendly Hiker CookieMonster

Ep. 19: N. California

Burney Falls to Etna

Black bear in Northern California Forest

Ep. 20: N. California

Etna to Ashland

Ep. 21: Oregon

Ashland to Crater Lake

Ep. 22: Oregon

Crater Lake to Three Sisters

Mount Olallie, Mount Hood, Pacific Crest Trail

Ep. 23: Oregon

3 Sisters to Timberline L.

Friendly Hiker CookieMonster crossing a glacial river at Mount Hood

Ep. 24: Oregon

Timberline L. to Cascade L.

Ep. 25: Washington

Cascade L. to Goat Rocks

Mount Rainier with mountain ash in autumn colors

Ep. 26: Washington

Goat Rocks to Snoqualmie P

Ep. 27: Washington

Snoqualmie P. to Skykomish

Ep. 28: Washington

Skykomish to Stehekin

Ep. 29: Washington

Stehekin to Manning Park, Canada


One of the best long distance hikes in the world. It takes you through 41 Wilderness areas & State and National parks of the United States. The great thing about this hike is the difference in terrain and animal & plant life. From the deserts, high alpine peaks to lush vegetation. It's an experiance of a lifetime.


More info on this trail: visit the Pacific Crest Trail Association website or check out the links below.

Pacific Crest Trail Entire Map with towns and trail

Great PCT resources

Here are some additional websites and books that can help you in your planning or during your hike.


Six Months with Three Pairs of UNDIES

One of the reviews says it all:

"Their book is not only an excellent read, it's also rich with details, tips and tricks, that future PCT hikers will find very useful for their preparation."

Yogi's PCT handbook

This book is like a Lonely Planet for the PCT. It has tons of information on resupply towns


Half Mile Maps & App

Probably the best resource for good free accurate yearly updated trail maps, that you can download as a pdf and print. His app is also the best free and accurate app for the entire trail.

Guthook App

A paid app but with a lot of extra information compared to the half-mile app. This is the app to use.

Craig's PCT planner

A great free website planner for all your resupply points.

PCT Water Report

Where can I find water in the desert sections? This site has all the answers. And it is real time updated by hikers on the trail.

A Temporary Change of Address: Cloud Rider's Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike

An excellent book written by Tim Potter (Cloud Rider). He takes you along his journey with a daily record in words and pictures. It’s about the preparation, the hike, and wide variety of reflections.

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