In this blog we talk about hiking with smartphones, lightweight camera's, gadgets, but also about all the other smaller things we take with us on a trail. Like hiking poles and an umbrella?

In this blog post we show you that you can bring down the weight of your backpack, just by choosing clothing that is really lite but still excellent. Lower pack-weight makers hiking way more fun :-)

So, what kind of outdoor cooking stuff do we use, when and why? In this blog we explain what we use for cooking on (long) distance hikes and in other situations. But also, why we choose not to use somes type of burner in certain circumstances.

We have been asked several times about our choices in light weight hiking gear. So in a short series of blogs we will explain what we hike with and why. Starting with the big 3. Backpack, sleeping bag and tent.

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Hiking gear part 4: Phone, Camera & Gadgets and other stuff

January 10, 2017

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