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Follow Lian (CookieMonster) on her hiking journeys across the globe where she shows you how to make simple lightweight tasty back country meals.

CookieMonster is hiking and hungry.

1. Hungry !

CookieMonster is sitting in a forest against a tree with outdoor back country cooking equipment.
CookieMonster is preparing a dinner called Hot Lightning
CookieMonster is hiking in the mountains and explains different snacks

6. Snack Time

10. Snowballs

14. Tropical oatmeal

CookieMonster is preparing a Dutch lunch
CookieMonster is preparing a dinner called Tortellini di Formaggio

7. Tortellini di Formaggio

11. Rice Hawaii

15. Griesmeelpap

CookieMonster is preparing a dinner called Volcano rice
CookieMonster ismaking breakfast from home made oatmeal

8. Home made oatmeal

12. Butternut squash

16. Biscuits  mmm

CookieMonster is having a lazy lunch

5. Lazy Lunch

CookieMonster is preparing a typical dinner called

9. Stamppot

13. Pesto Pasta

couscous sausage birthday youtube.PNG
Spaghetti a la improvise youtube titel groot versie 2.PNG
Coconut lunch.jpg
orange lentils.jpg
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