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We've been wilderness guides and mountain leaders for a large part of our lives. André started long distance hiking in 1988 with an expedition through Scandinavia where he covered 2000 miles. Not long after that we met in Iceland. We immediately fell in love and decided to go on as many adventures as we could. During the following 30 years, we had many beautiful and amazing experiences hiking, kayaking and diving all over the world. 

During one of our long-distance hikes, The Pacific Crest Trail in ​the United States, we encountered Trail Angels. Extremely helpful people who supported us on our journey.  After that hike, we decided to setup this site in the same spirit.

Hiking, backpacking or any adventure for that matter is all about having fun and enjoyment, not suffering.

Please enjoy our tips and tricks, or watch an adventure video​.

We hope they will inspire you and help you on your great adventure!

​Have fun and Happy Trails!


André & Lian de Jel

A.k.a. 'Morning Star' and 'CookieMonster' or 'The Friendly Hikers'

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