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Out this holiday season.

“An amazing and very impressive story. This is a wonderful book for people who enjoy a challenge. ‘The Ultimate Challenge’ might have been a good title for this book as well.” J. Ridderhof


This is our story about our adventures on the Pacific Crest Trail. A 2650-mile-hike through the American wilderness. From Mexico to Canada. This is a story about passion, adventure, love, wonderment and inspiration. The chapters vary in perspective. Some stories are told by André. Others are experienced through Lian's eyes. The result is an interesting account of two different people, who experience the most amazing adventures together.


“I have so much respect for you. This story touched my heart and left me speechless. It’s a roller coaster of adventures and emotions.” A. Tak


“The pure strength to pull through and overcome. So much inspiration. Such beautiful characters.” C. Embrechts

“Well written with a great sense of humor. It felt like I was with you all the time. Especially at the end. I'm not a hiker, but I feel like I’ve been there and done it. Thank you so much!” M. Rutherford

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Already available in Dutch.

ISBN / EAN 9789463455602: Original book

ISBN / EAN 9789463455619: Special edition with color photos and detailed maps.